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DIY folding table for Weber 57 grill

I never liked Weber's own side table since it's not possible to fold and needs to be removed when the grill is to be covered.
I got a piece of shelf left over after remaking my garage so I decided to build a simple folding table for my 57.

The result is a table attached to the handle of the grill. The table itself is very stable, unlike the grill which is a bit wobbly.

DIY folding table for Weber grill    DIY folding table for Weber grill, folded

What you need:

- A piece of wooden shelf, no thicker than the height of the metal in the grills side handles!
- A threaded rod
- A pipe clamp with a nut with a bigger thread than the rod. Example: *Biltema 869013
- A 90 degree mounting bracket. Example: Biltema 19611
- A fork link. Example: Biltema 87240
- A furniture hinge (510mm long in my case). Example: Biltema 86738
- 2 bolts and nuts, length about ~5 times the thickness of the wooden shelf.
- Some wooden screws for the hinge and bracket.

*Biltema is kind of a Swedish Wallmart store.


It's quite easy to build a table like this. With some beer and a warm summer evening it took me about an hour.

Start by cuting out the two pieces forming the table. Use the lid as a template to get the curve at the back and front end of the table.
I used a jigsaw of good quality to get this job done smoothly.

Then cut out the three pieces for the wooden bracket that will attach the table on to the grill handle. The bracket have one middle part that
fits inside the grill handle and a top and bottom piece that does the squeeze on the handle. Once again use the lid as a template for the curve.
Put all the pieces together and drill the holes for the bolts.

Everything bolted together looks like this:


Attach the hinge and the metal bracket to the bottom of the table.
Shorten the threaded rod to a suitable length and fit it to the bracket together with the fork link.

Fit the pipe clamp onto the front leg of the grill and stick the rod into the nut. Now it is just to bolt the table to the grill handle.


Now since this is just a prototype I will make some modifications to the pipe clamp nut. If someone or something hits the table from below the rod will escape from
the nut and the table will fold itself down. No good if it's loaded with beef and burgers...and even worse if your beer stands there!

Happy building!